Finalist, The 32nd Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition
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+ Comments Finalist, The 32nd Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition - 2006-11-28 21:10:36

Hand drawing
Ink on mylar 13" X 60"

(Korea Daily) How do you feel about two of your exhibited projects being selected for The 32nd Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation? What kind of projects are they?

(A/O) I am very pleased. Each project is conceived with careful attention and sincere dedication. So having two of the 4 exhibited pieces selected as finalists turned out to be an agreeable surprise. The competition organizers aimed and encouraged participation related to particular projects which would not be seen in ordinary circumstances. One of my proposals was a hand-drawn project sustaining its theme “blur”. To summarize, the drawing shows how the Lincoln Center’s buildings, perceived during the daytime as an individual entity, blurs in nighttime through the lightings of performing spaces which blends the interior and exterior spaces. This competition is an opportunity to show the world that an architect works on, and with a wide range of varied issues.

(Korea Daily) Being of Korean nationality, having studied in the United States and currently working in NY as a young architect, there probably were many problems to be dealt with. If so, what were they?

(A/O) I would think that early immigrants had a harder time than me, coming to America. There were not any particular issues to speak of, but if it were possible, I wish the Korean society would have a greater interest not only in me but also in other young foreign architects, offering them more service to aid in finding projects.

(Korea Daily) What architects do you like and do you have any preferences for a particular building?

(A/O) It seems difficult for me to specify which architects I like. The Staatsbibliothek (state library) in Berlin by Hans Scharoun and the Tugendhat House (private housing) by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Czech Republic are among my favorite piece of architecture. However, there seems to be a gap between those buildings and the ones I design as an architect. I could use those precedents as references, yet I don’t wish to emulate or revive similar designs. Projects by Allied Operations ( always emerge from a new perspective and develop through many discussions held with its members. There are natural disagreements amid these discussions yet in many cases, these diverse opinions converge to one voice and produce good architectural projects.

(Korea Daily) What are your dreams for the coming future? Also, do you have a project you are currently working on?

(A/O) In 10 years time, I wish A/O would become a 24 hour functional office. Like a 400m relay in athletics, one team in NY would start working on a project and give the baton to the team in Korea where there is a 12 hour difference. For now, if an opportunity arises, I also wish to make projects that bring joyfulness to people through their innovative ideas. This does not only include good projects such as the library exhibited in Sweden a few weeks ago, but also small scaled projects such as the kitchen of a private residence, shops’ interior, etc. For instance, among A/O’s current works, there is a project related to IKEA kitchen furniture. IKEA offers efficient and inexpensive furniture that are easily installed by users. However, they do not successfully fit within the existing kitchen frame. A/O aims to find within the IKEA kitchen system a potential for change allowing alteration of concepts related to kitchen space, as well as modification in its main trend, demand issues and consumption policies. As the first test-bed, a private housing kitchen in Baltimore became the model on which A/O is currently developing its ideas.

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