Competition Entry, Stockholm Public Library International Architectural Competition
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+ Comments Competition Entry, Stockholm Public Library International Architectural Competition - 2006-10-29 13:47:14

The Stockholm Public library is an iconic artifice as it uniquely represents the culture and the civic-ness of the city it resides in. The transformation of urban condition and the future of media with its subsequent effect on the concept of learning inevitably influence the way the library evolves. Extensively weaving the original aspiration of Gunnar Asplund with adjacent urban fabric and at the same time preserving the library as collective experience of browsing and socializing is the primary intent of the proposal.

The area around Odenplan will go through a massive urban alteration instigated by the development of the new City Express Railway system. The Asplund expansion is invariably tied to the modification of public space around this neighborhood mainly because of the sudden growth of pedestrian traffic caused by this direct inter-city connection. Accordingly, the quantity of open space in and around the existing library complex should grow to accommodate tenfold increase of passengers. Any urban restructuring efforts would reflect the problem of amplifying open environment as well as augmenting public nature of the library.

The proposal structures the premise by three dimensionally doubling the surface of plaza. The top plaza of Bazaar is extended westward to meet a planned underground shopping center, and likewise, Gyldéngatan is extended horizontally eastward to link to the Rotunda of the Asplund library. In-between these two new plaza surfaces is a main public hall of the library complex which houses an open media collection for fiction, various periodicals and news zones of different subjects, public learning zones, and a few visit-oriented offices. By connecting this vast new public space to urban components that surround its periphery, the new library complex can directly engage the increased transitory population on Odenplan. It becomes a library on the consilient trajectories of urban life.