Korable Block fun with the Korean Alphabet
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If you are a friend with us, then you probably know what is inside of the box. The product will help your child or even BONOBO learn the Korean alphabet. Try it with your little tribe and it will create a bond between adult and child.

The blocks and tray are handcrafted in the USA by Uncle Goose using non-toxic, lead-free child safe inks. At Allied Operations we want what’s best for our children, safe and fun learning tools.

Ages 3+

Korable Block is protected by United States/South Korea and International copyright laws.

Korable Block from Allied Operations on Vimeo.

You may download the following supplementary PDF templates:

Korean alphabet consonants print in pdf format
Korean alphabet with consonants and vowels print in pdf format
Numbers print in pdf format
Days print in pdf format
Do re mi.. print in pdf format
Direction print in pdf format
Food print in pdf format
Nature print in pdf format
Animals print in pdf format
Body parts print in pdf format
Objects print in pdf format

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Korea Society in New York,
Friday, July 22
The very first Korable Block demonstration right after “Once upon a time in Korea…” find me at info desk.

Korea Society in New York,
Friday, July 29
Please find Korable Block during “Once upon a time in Korea…” Contact, Gallery Director,
The Korea Society.